January Wall Art Inspo

January Wall Art Inspo

I think sometimes we all have the urge to change something in our home decor.
These 3 examples might give you a fresh idea for a little change.

1. Modern farmhouse

These wooden maps are not famous for being the ideal decor element of a farmhouse, although our first pick is a great example of how to make it work.

Right in the entryway, where you and your guests spend some time, by welcoming them and taking off shoes, coats. You'll have time to admire this tasteful, unique wall art piece.

This Wooden World Map is perfectly in balance with the colors and materials of the environment.

2. A bold statement

Blue, as the color of your living room is solely an impressive, eye-catching choice.

Adding something special, that matches the tones of your wooden furniture will enhance this vibe.

Blue is such an amazing background color for Wooden World Maps, whether it's a contrast wall or your whole room is painted in it. It mimics the seas and oceans of the world and makes the wooden pieces pop even more.

3. Light tones in your home office corner

Home offices became popular due to the current global situation, so does their decor. Places you spend most of your time should be the best decorated places of your home.

Both looks and function matter for the most of us. That's why it's so special when you find something that fills these requirements.

In this case, the wooden map decorating home office is beautiful to look at and also motivating, making this corner a pleasureful place.

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