Multicolor is the way to go

Multicolor is the way to go

A Multicolor Wooden Map has so many wooden tones, it will likely to match your
home's interior. The following examples might give oyu some ideas for your home decor.

Darker wooden tones and a few plants will create a strong natural vibe in your foyer. Having light flooring and walls will compensate and make this place a pleasure to look at.
Even adding lighter green plants will make it a lighter, brighter space.

Many of our customers put their wooden maps in kid's rooms. It's an interesting choice to place it in kid's room, because in there it will get way less attention compared to your living room, foyer, diner, etc.

But if you think about it, such items like a beautiful, handmade Wooden World Map will spark your kid's imagination - which is important, especially at a younger age.

Inviting nature in your home is a decor style with a well deserved rising popularity. It usually contains of furnitures with natural tones - preferably made of wood - and plants. My favorite part of this style, is that it can be super simple.

You don't need a ton of expensive items to have a beautiful looking natural corner.
Of course, if you want it, you can add some special items such as a Wooden World Map, which will elevate your space to a new level.

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