3 stunning examples of colorful walls and a Wooden World Map (Pt.2)

3 stunning examples of colorful walls and a Wooden World Map (Pt.2)

Since you gave us a ton of positive feedback on our last blog post, we decided to give you a part 2!

Inspiration is so important, when it comes to home decor.
We've started these blog posts, to fuel your inspiration every week with different styles around the world.

Grey accent wall

WOW! What a great match! The grey accent wall makes color Night pop.
Your Wooden World Map is an eye-catching wall art. If you combine it with some unusual colored walls, you can draw even more attention to it.

Blue mounted on plywood

Mounting your Wooden World Map on a plywood can be a good idea.
It will let you use any color as your background, so you won't be limited to the color of your walls.
It's also making it easier to move your wooden wall art around.

In general, blue is a great match to every color of your wooden map,
because it mimics the color of the oceans.

Mix and match with green

Shades of green are also very well fitting with Wooden World Maps, due to their natural relation.
Here you can see a great example of a vivid green background, with a Coffee wooden map in a living room, creating an amazing, natural vibe.

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