Travel Corner Design Ideas & Tips (Part 2)

Travel Corner Design Ideas & Tips (Part 2)

7. Showcase your stunning collection of miniatures

Miniature landmarks are definitely hard to resist. If you like collecting them, then you must never hesitate

to make them a focal point at home. Store one piece on each shelf and back it up with some soft lighting for an eye-catching look.
They can compliment your home decor in many different ways.

8. Cover one wall side with...(tribal masks)

If as a traveler, you love to collect things, as an example, tribal masks then you must showcase your mask collection by hanging them on your wall.

Place them together so that you can display a large number of them without making the space look cluttered or heavy.
You can let them occupy an entire wall or just a portion of it.

9. Display fabrics as wall art

Hanging flags and tapestry is sure to stir up the tourist in most of us. You can also showcase diverse cuts of fabrics and cultural stylings as wall art. They can add a different taste to your home decor.

10. Create a magnet wall

If you absolutely love magnets from different countries and you don’t like sticking them on your fridge, then it would be best to consider a magnet wall.

A magnet wall in the kitchen is a stunning idea for travelers who like to personalize their keepsakes from their great adventures. Also, it is the best way to offer a vacant corner an ideal purpose.

11. Develop a coveted corner

If you admire polaroid pictures and postcards of your travels, consider an eye-catching DIY display in a corner on your residence.
Channel your inner art angel and make use of crafty materials like frames of fairy lights.

12. 2D World Map Wall Art

This one is again a really popular choice nowadays. A Wooden World Map on your wall can tell stories and bring back memories.
You can track the countries you've visited with flag push pins.
It's also one of the best conversation starters during a family reunion or a party with friends.

The most popular place for a world map is above your couch in your living room. Other favored places are your study and dining room.
Depending the choice of color, you can have an extremely classy look and match perfectly with your home decor.

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