Wooden maps over your bed

Wooden maps over your bed

If you are ahead of decorating or redecorating your bedroom, definitely check the following three home decor styles. Two of them are very similar, but the third one is very special. You'll see three option to seamlessly include a wooden map in your home decor. Let's get to it!

1. Classic style

From all the different and unique styles, classic is the one that fits most homes.
This case is no exception. Standard white walls, beautiful wooden bed frame with matching bedside tables.

Adding a Wooden World Map is tying together the whole image, and completes the look. Choosing a different wall art wouldn't make this space stand out.

2. Next level home decor

One of the most popular trends is to have colorful walls, sometimes in the whole room, more often as an accent wall.
It creates lots of opportunities for home decor enthusiast like you. One of the toughest step in home decor, is to choose your color scheme.

In this case we have a grayish dark blue, with a universal white and a light cream tone.
Choosing your decor bits and pieces accordingly, can be challenging. Starting from lampshades, shelves to your wall art, everything needs to match.

The lighter tone Wooden World Map is perfectly fitting into this environment.
The darker background is making the wooden map pop and catch more attention.

Even if it's hard to find the right pieces, it's totally worth the time and effort.
Having a home which you completely fell in love, is a feeling that will make you
happy, fulfilled and proud.
Not to mention all the compliments you'll receive from friends and family.

3. Note to self: Relax

We all have our end of day routines. Some of us like to scroll through social media, some of us like watch TV.
My favorite is reading. It calms down your mind and getting you ready for a good night sleep.

Your bedroom should be relaxing, yet not boring.
A wooden map has this duality: it sparks your imagination and has a calm vibe due to the natural, wooden tones. The multicolor variant (seen on the photo above) is fitting in pretty much every
room, thanks to it's versatility.

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