June decor inspo

June decor inspo

You already know: new months brings fresh decor inspirations.
This month, we brought you some light examples of beautiful home decor.
Let's start, shall we?

Light + light tones = 😊

The beauty of Sky

These wooden maps are looking great from a distance. But if you get closer
and take a look at them, you'll realize they look amazing.
This close up shot is mimicking you, taking a closer look at your wooden map, in this case color Sky.

What you see is natural beauty, all the wooden tones and textures.
This makes our wooden maps such a great decor item for your home. It's unique, and one of a kind.

Tones with a wooden map

This is the perfect example of room and also how a wooden map can blend in to your decor. Not everyone is a big fan of wall art popping "off" the wall.Well, when you choose to have a wooden map, you got to pick from different colors, so you get the chance to choose one that blends in your room decor.

This room's decor is super simple color vise, but still it's so satisfying to look at. All the light tones are enhancing each other, creating a unique vibe.

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