Peek into Wooden World Map owners' home around the globe

Peek into Wooden World Map owners' home around the globe

Get inspiration and find creative ideas to decorate with your unique style.

A gorgeous home office from the Netherlands

More people are working from their home offices than ever due to the unfortunate events of the current pandemic.
Many of you chose to update your home offices this time, some of you had to create one.
Having wall art that reflects your passion is key to create a creative and motivating space to work.

Andrea choose a Wooden World Map as her wall art. Mixed with the greens of the plants, it brings a natural vibe to her lovely workspace.

An bold statement right away from Finland

Your entryway makes the first impression on your visitors, and as you know, first impressions are crucial.
See how Susanna converted a boring entryway, a stunning, welcoming space. I think we can all agree that, her choice of color really makes her Wooden World Map pop.
It's not a usual choice of wall art for an entryway, but it definitely works like a charm.

A creative use of wall space in the hallway from Scotland

Choosing the proper wall art for your hallway can be tricky. Kelly wanted to have something special, something that catches attention and blends in (it's surroundings) at the same time.
She choose the Wooden World Map multicolor design, so the different tones of the world map are matching the natural vibes of her home.

Do you think she did a great job with her wall art?
She is satisfied with the result, it became the focal point of her hallway. Her guests keep complimenting and admiring her Wooden World Map.


Your choice of wall art can enhance the vibe of your home, or can completely change it. It depends on what color and style you choose.

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