Wonderful Eco Decor

Take a closer look at: Sahara
Sahara is one of your favorite (one of our best sellers) maps.It's no coincidence.The beautiful, light tones of this wooden world map can be easily fitted to your home's vibe.Let's see some examples!BedroomWe spend a considerable amount of time in our bedroom, although, most of the time our eyes are closed.This doesn't mean our bedroom is less important from a decor perspective.Look at this natural, sort of Boho style bedroom with all the beautiful wooden tones. Ins't it harmonic and calming? These are the kind of vibes you want in your bedroom. All the matching wood have a great contrast...
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July decor inspo

New month means fresh decor inspo for you. Things getting slow as we are heading deeper into the summer. Your long avaited vacation is getting closer day by day.

Do you prefer visiting foreign countries, travelling in your own country/state, or staying at home and relax? Comment below!

Alaska in the office

As you might know, we've recently restocked one of our fan favorite wooden map, Alaska.
This beautiful, grey-tone map can be a great addition to many rooms in your home.

It can be the star of your living room, or it can be the motivating wall art in your home office...

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Before & After
We all love great before - after stories, right?That's what we thought, so we brought 2 inspiring stories for you. A well deserved home office upgrade Home office decor just got more popular recently, due to the rise of the use of home offices during the pandemic. Nowadays, people tend to pay more attention on decorating their works paces. This is a great example of a well executed home office redo.You gotta love the overall atmosphere and the simplicity of the color scheme.Have you noticed the matching wooden tones? (floor, cabinet, wooden map) It adds a lot to the overall
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June decor inspo
You already know: new months brings fresh decor inspirations.
This month, we brought you some light examples of beautiful home decor.
Let's start, shall we?
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All natural vibes
We all love nature. Some of us more some of us less, but we all love our beautiful, blue and green planet. This is the obvious reason, why we love to decorate our homes with items, that connect us to nature.
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