5 Reasons Big Wall Art Is Best for Small Spaces

5 Reasons Big Wall Art Is Best for Small Spaces

Contrary to popular perception, big wall art is not just suitable for large homes or offices.
It can have an equally desirable effect in small spaces too. How so?
It can instantly grab attention as the centerpiece of your home décor, create the right stylistic effect, optimize your small space, and make a bold style statement.

Let’s dive into the ways large wall art helps to increase the appeal of small spaces, whether it's your home or your office.

1. Optimize your Space

When it comes to small spaces, remember the “less is more” rule in terms of numbers.
Optimize your space by using fewer but larger design elements! It isn’t practical to fill the limited floor area of small homes or rooms with multiple small artifacts or art installations as it can easily look crowded.

To avoid cramping of the limited square footage and to leave it looking more open, use the empty wall space instead to accessorize and embellish your space!

It may seem counterintuitive to use wall art in small rooms or houses but it is in fact a great way to make the most of your small space.
Instead of using several small size wall art pieces, opt for one large wall art to decorate your apartment – it’s effective and simple to implement too.

2. Add a Stunning Focal Point

Having less space, cramped up apartments are typically filled with utilitarian objects that offer functional value but no aesthetic worth. Use wall art to fill the “design void” that small spaces typically have.
Large wall art in a small space can instantly grab attention and elevate its aesthetic value.
Add large wall art of your choice and make it the focal point or centerpiece of your space.

3. Create the Impression of More Space

Add big wall art to your small or even studio apartment and see how it immediately amplifies the room’s dimensions, making the space appear larger than it is. A piece of large wall decor can optimize your space so it looks spacious and definitely more pleasant.

4. Complement the Home Style

If you live in a modern, small size apartment consider adding a large Multicolor World Map, which can amplify your home's vibe.
For traditional-style small family homes, adding more subtle, lighter tones, using a Coffee or Sahara World Map is a great way to create a classic appeal that
aligns with your home’s color scheme and style.

5. Make a Bold Style Statement

Living in a small apartment or home doesn’t mean that you cannot make a style statement.
Think about what use you can put the bare walls to. Cover them with a piece of art that warms your heart.
Your home space says a lot about your passion and style.

Use wall decor to reflect your taste and preferences. There’s nothing like big wall art to make a bold style statement that is hard to miss.
It can help create the right impression by making you appear more confident to visitors.

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