All natural vibes

All natural vibes
We all love nature. Some of us more some of us less, but we all love our beautiful, blue and green planet. This is the obvious reason, why we love to decorate our homes with items, that connect us to nature.

Nature as you decor theme

Using nature as your theme to decorate your home is a special way to pay your respect to mother nature. Your main colors will be brown, green, grey, and some pastel colors.
First it might not sound too attractive, but if you use these tones, fabrics and
materials creatively, you can create an amazing atmosphere.
Having a leather couch and armchair(s), plenty of plants are a good base to start with.

To make your living room stand out of the crowd, you'll need something special.
Since you have plenty of blank wall space, it would be a missed opportunity to not choose the proper wall art, fitting into your decor theme. In this case, a Wooden World Map. This wooden map will tie your room together, without being too bright and pushy.

Home office with a wooden map

Home office spaces are more popular than ever. In some cases, these spaces lack the proper decor and just being a purely functional space.
This is not the right way to have your own home workspace.
Your home office has to be warm, welcoming, inspiring and motivating.
Usually these achieved by decorating with some plants, maybe having a "motivational" quote on the wall. Nothing special.
But if you think it through, you're probably spending 4-8 hours daily in oyur home workspace.

This should be enough reason to take you current decor, to the next level.
Thrust me, it will change your mood and work ethic.
Having a truly special wall art, such as a Wooden World Map on your office wall
will make your workspace so much more appealing.

Cozy corner

We all love cozy reading corners. They are the best place to kick back and relax after a long day. Grab a good book, a glass of wine, a warm blanket and you're ready to relax.

There are certain criteria for a cozy corner:
to be a properly relaxing and comfortable space, it has to be in quiet part of your home. You need a comfortable chair, and a relaxing atmosphere.

On way you can create this vibe, is with natural items, such as plants,
wooden furniture and wall art. To make it look special, you can choose a Wooden World Map as your wall art. It will enhance the natural vibes of your cozy space.

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to choose from different colors and sizes of unique and stylish Wooden World Maps!

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