Bring the world to your home

Bring the world to your home

There are several ways to decorate your home with a stylish world map.

Adding a wooden world map to your wall decor is one, probably the best solution.
It will bring character to any room you choose to add it.

Living room

Decorating your living room with wall art made from wood, is a unique way to add natural vibe to your home.
Your world map will start conversations and bring back memories.

Dining room/kitchen

The dining room is one of the most important part of our homes. It brings the family and friends together.
We are preparing meals, cooking, baking birthday cakes. We have lots of memories attached to it.
That's why its important to have the right decor in your kitchen/dining room.

Home office

Nowadays our home office is more important then ever. Having the right decor is key to the perfect workplace.
This goes for your wall decor as well. Having a wooden world map on your wall serving as your zoom background, is something your colleagues will admire.


Your entryway makes the first impression to your visitors. If there is a wooden world map on your wall, your visitors will be amazed the moment they walk into your home. It will create and adventurous, yet calm vibe, where they will feel comfortable to share their stories and adventures.

Our customers cant stop raving about how happy they are with their world map:
it became the focal point of their homes. Their guests compliment and admire it.

You have plenty of variations to add this amazing wooden world map to your home.

Click here
to choose from different colors and sizes of unique and stylish Wooden World Maps!

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