Indoor décor ideas inspired by nature and the great outdoors

Indoor décor ideas inspired by nature and the great outdoors

We all know the benefits of spending time in nature. But if you’re a city dweller or simply prefer spending time indoors, the next best thing is to create an outdoor oasis in your own home through nature-inspired decor that is calming, refreshing, and virtually breathes with life.

Natural decor, also known as green decor, is huge in trending wall art in 2021, and it’s easy to get in on the action with some simple design tips that will transform your home into a mini nature retreat.

Plan your spaces around open windows and sunlight

Sunlight is intensely nourishing to our souls, so throw your windows open to invite this natural refresher into your home.
If your home doesn’t have large windows, you can still look for ways to enjoy a warm beam of sunlight.

Try positioning a lounge chair in front of whatever window space you have.
Or, if you live in an apartment, make your balcony space as cozy as possible with a table, chair, and some potted plants.

Breathe life into your home with plants

It’s easy to bring some of the serenity of a garden into your home with some well-chosen plants and greenery.
Living plants help filter the air, so they not only look fantastic, they also improve the overall quality of your living space.

If you’d rather not take on the burden of regular watering and pruning, artificial plants can give you the natural look you want without any of the caretaking.

Paint your walls with earthy, neutral color palettes

An easy and effective way to create a calm, serene, nature-inspired atmosphere in your home is with colors pulled straight from the earth’s palette.

Start by thinking about your favorite natural getaways, from lush green forests to breezy, sandy beaches, and then pick colors that evoke those spaces, whether it’s vibrant greens, rich browns, sky blues, or warm beiges.

Add visual interest with items collected from nature

There’s nothing quite like found objects from nature to evoke the wildness of the great outdoors.
Large crystals and gems come in a wide range of colors and vibrate with natural energy. Pinecones, seashells, pieces of driftwood, and jars of sand and sea glass look great scattered on mantles and end tables.

Fill your walls with matching wall art

Adding wall art made of wood, can enhance the natural vibe of your home. A gorgeous world map, with different tones of browns, can be the focal point of your room, or be a subtle, yet passionate reminder of the wonderful places on our planet.

The beauty of a wooden world map speaks for itself. When you see it for the first time, you are amazed. Then you get closer to check the finish and the details. That's the point when you fall in love with your wooden world map.

You can bring any room to life with wall art like this.
Mount a large world map for a dramatic focal point or put a smaller one for a moderate impression.

Either way, you can not go wrong with a wooden world map.

 Are you ready to spice up your home?

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