The Top 3 Fall Home Decor Trends

The Top 3 Fall Home Decor Trends

Even though fall is the season that winds up the calendar year, there’s something about this time of year that always feels like a fresh start.

Maybe it’s the refreshing chill in the air or the back-to-school vibes or the gorgeous colors of the changing leaves that make us feel like the world is new again.

Whatever it is, every fall, we feel the urge to do some overhauling and updating to our home decor.
So what’s on your radar as we head into fall? Are you focusing on comfort, convenience, or color?

1. Earthy colors that make you feel relaxed and cozy

Spring flowers and summer sunsets are beautiful, but does any season truly compare to the amazing fall?

The vibrant foliage and bright blue skies are so stunning that we naturally want to pull these colors into our spaces with fall home decor in cozy browns, creamy beiges, sage greens, and pumpkin-spice-inspired oranges.

Throw pillows and blankets are an easy way to get a warm touch with fall palette into your home decor.
So are table runners, area rugs, and tabletop accent pieces. But our favorite style trick is to add an eye-catching Wooden Map.

Your guests will be amazed by your choice of wall art.

2. Scents that capture the season

Don’t forget that your home decor is not just about visuals. It’s the attention to details that makes it a whole, including the smells in your home.

Create an instant ambiance with scented candles in creative seasonal formulations that feature notes of cedar, pine, smoke, cinnamon, and coffee. Or diffuse some essential oils that not only add an inviting scent to your home but also have aroma therapeutic benefits.

Clove, patchouli, lavender, orange, and juniper are classic fall scents that also have a calming, soothing, and cleansing effect.

3. Textures galore

Because we all love to get cozy in fall, textures tend to become a major focus in home decor trends.
Fuzzy blankets made of wool and flannel, as well as furniture and furnishings accented with country-chic wood finishes, start popping up all over the place.

It's a great way to take these textures as inspiration for your wall art pieces. A 3D Wooden World Map adds a unique texture to your wall.

With the different color options, you can get a Wooden Map, matching your furniture, creating the image of completeness.

+1 bonus tip

Your friends probably also like to decorate their homes with amazing, unique home decor pieces. If your home is full, and you can't make a use of a beautiful Wooden Map wall art, think about your friends.

These maps make a special gift. They can help refresh a living room, bedroom, foyer, home office, or other parts of their/your home.

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