Wooden Decor as a New Interior Design Trend Pt.2

Wooden Decor as a New Interior Design Trend Pt.2

There are many different ways to approach including natural wood tones into your home’s aesthetic.
The majority of interior designers would agree, however, that balance is key when designing your space.

When it comes to designing your space with this particular trend in mind, textures are your best friend.
In addition to the color variations natural wood brings into a room, incorporating other natural elements and organic textures bring these elements together in harmony.

Designers agree that we are living in a brave new world where mixing and matching patterns and textures is not only acceptable — it’s encouraged.

And you can do so in a way that elevates your space without losing an ounce of the comfort you’re craving. It’s all about maintaining balance while planning ahead for show-stopping moments along the way.

Brightening It Up With Wood Windows and Doors

Using richer tones and wood design elements in your home does come with the risk of making your space appear darker, murky, or smaller if you aren’t careful. However, incorporating a good flow of natural light via window and door placement can ensure that your space remains light and airy.

Home Styling With Furniture and Decor

Remember: Cozy doesn’t have to mean cluttered - you can still maintain a clean and cohesive look while incorporating this emerging trend. Modern traditional styling pairs the smooth lines and clean feel with the warmth and welcoming vibe of traditional and farmhouse home design.
Alternatively, maximalist interior design arranges overflowing decor and mixed textures in an aesthetically pleasing way that expresses your personality without feeling over-crowded.

Unsure of how to start with this design style in your home? Here are a few furniture and decor ideas to jump start your planning:

Floating shelves styled with modern and vintage decor
Fiberglass doors with a natural wood grain pattern Wooden furniture pieces (think trunks, coffee tables and bookshelves)

Wooden accents

Ultimately, the return of wood in interior design is the return of the cozy comfort and security that we have always associated with the essence of “home,” and the elevation of quality, durability and practicality as pillars around which homeowners can proudly design and style their personal daily oases.

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