3 variations for Home Offices

3 variations for Home Offices

Home offices got popular during the pandemic. We spend more time in it, so
it's more important than ever to have proper, motivating decor in your workspace.
We'd like to give you some inspiration by showing 3 workspaces with different styles and approach.

1. All about natural light

Its important for your workstation to be well lit, preferably by natural light. You can also increase the effect by choosing lighter tones to decorate with. This home office is the perfect example of a bright, motivating workspace.

The lighter tone Wooden World Map is the perfect choice, just blending into the environment.

2. Function beats form?

I don't think so. Function should be a top priority all the time, but in connection with looks.
This couple's home office would be pretty blank and neutral without the Wooden World Map.

It significantly changes the vibe of the room.
I bet everyone entering this room, will first look at the wooden map and compliment it.

3. The queen of zoom backgrounds?

Finding the proper zoom background can be tricky. Especially, if you want something that has other functions, like being your wall art. World maps are popular decorations in offices, due to their nature.

Most people will settle with a simple print, but some of you are looking for the best.
A handmade, Wooden World Map will be a unique addition to your workspace,
whether its your office or home office.

In this scenario the tone of the Wooden World Map is matching the color of the furniture. This creates a good natural vibe, also the space feels complete.

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