Before & After

Before & After

We all love great before - after stories, right?
That's what we thought, so we brought 2 inspiring stories for you.

A well deserved home office upgrade

Home office decor just got more popular recently, due to the rise of the use of
home offices during the pandemic. Nowadays, people tend to pay more attention on decorating their works paces.

This is a great example of a well executed home office redo.
You gotta love the overall atmosphere and the simplicity of the color scheme.
Have you noticed the matching wooden tones? (floor, cabinet, wooden map)

It adds a lot to the overall image.
The place was OK, before, with the prints, but it lacked character.
The Wooden World Map also made this place more motivating and adventurous.

Stylish bedroom update

Decorating your bedroom can be tricky. What to put on your walls?
Some motivational quotes or some prints? The problem is, if you like unique stuff, you'll skip on those, because everyone have them in their bedrooms.
If you want your home to stand out from the crowd, you have to choose something different.

A handmade, wooden map will do the job.
It will bring beauty and joy to your bedroom, not to mention the natural vibes,
those beautiful wooden tones bring you.
Adding some flowers will strengthen the natural connection furthermore.

Changing the cabinet to a more subtle one turned out to be a great decision as well. It brings more attention to the beauty of the Wooden World Map on the wall.

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