How To Arrange Wall Art (Pt.2)

How To Arrange Wall Art (Pt.2)

Where to display art

Consider the available wall space as well as the room’s layout when choosing where to hang wall art in your home. Try to get the right balance between small bits an large wall art.
When small objects are placed in an overly large room, it will feel off. Don't be afraid to choose large wall art, if you have the space for it.

Putting art above the sofa

One of the most common decorating errors are arranging and hanging wall art too far on the wall.
The core of your art should be at eye level. People usually sit in living rooms, so artwork can be placed lower.
Hanging wall art one hand width above the sofa is a safe way to guarantee it’s at the proper height.

Putting up art in the bedroom

Private art, such as family portraits or your photography, should be shown in the bedroom.
We suggest sticking to a single color pattern, such as all black-and-white or all
color images if you’re grouping the pieces. You may also tie the wall art arrangement together by using frames that are the same hue, pattern, or finish.

Art gallery with a mix-and-match theme

For blank walls, gallery configurations are simple alternatives.
Make the view more interesting by adding items other than framed art, such as  a Wooden World Map.

Begin by determining the size of your room. Place the most famous piece in the middle, at eye level, and work your way outward. If you’re using multiple frames, and objects stretch them apart and give each piece a little breathing space.

Putting art in the kitchen

It's important to hang wall art in your kitchen, in a location where it can not be destroyed by water or heat.
Consider hanging artwork above a command room, above a dinner table, or an open counter room.

Try to display something new, something fresh. Not the usual art of cooking motifs.
In a traditional kitchen, vintage style wall art fits well.
In a minimalist kitchen, try a multicolor Wooden World Map. It will pop and grab attention immediately.

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