3 examples of how to use light colored wall art in your bedroom

3 examples of how to use light colored wall art in your bedroom

Decorating your bedroom is an interesting challenge. You need to create a clam, warm yet special place.
Here you'll see 3 examples how to use natural, light colors as your wall art.

A travel themed bedroom from the UK

This bedroom is a perfect example, how to enhance natural light with decor elements.
Have you noticed the matching colors and tones all out the entire room?
It creates the feeling of completeness, right?
A Wooden World Map in color Sahara was the perfect choice, with all the similar wooden tones.
California's wooden map fits right into her bedroom's vibe.

Embrace the light

Lia did a great job choosing a Wooden World Map in color Sahara as her wall art.
Besides matching all the wooden tones in her existing decor, it creates an adventurous atmosphere in her bedroom.
Plenty of natural light enhanced by all the light colors, making this room a pleasant space.

Natural vibes from Spain

Helen's bedroom was already packed with natural decor elements.
Her choice of wall art was obvious:
A Wooden World Map in the lightest color, to match her present color scheme.
I turned out to be a great decision as you can see.
Her bedroom feels complete, thanks to the right choice of wall art.

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