How To Arrange Wall Art (Pt.1)

How To Arrange Wall Art (Pt.1)

Art is a beautiful way to bring intrigue to a venue, but it can be challenging to arrange.
The key is to understand where and how to hang art and how many pieces.
With our professional tips on wall art arrangement, your home will quickly feel like those beautiful homes in the decor magazines.

Art should be matched to the decor

Choose artwork for your walls that contrast with other colors in your room.
Wall art can incorporate a new accent color, but it must blend with the overall color scheme.
Look for similar colors in your furniture and home decor to help you choose your wall art, as an example, the World Map is matching the lamp shade.

Selecting art in scale

When hanging wall art over a couch or sideboard, one of the most popular issues is that it is not in size. Using bits that are too small or too big can cause the overall structure to appear odd.
A good rule of thumb, is that the artwork should be at least two-thirds the size of the couch or sideboard.
A 9-foot-long couch, for example, should have a size 'L/XL' Wooden World Map over it, to make it look flawless.

Using wall art to provide visual balance

Visual balance is essential when hanging several items in a group. If your arrangement is even, place the heaviest piece in the middle. As you can see on the image below, the wooden world map is at the middle, surrounded by evenly distributed photographs.
This style of wall art is relaxing and uplifting to look at.

Before hanging art, how to arrange it

Save yourself the aggravation and the trauma to your walls of hanging and rehanging a grouping of art.
A useful tip is to trace each piece on craft paper and cut it out. Write some notes on them, if necessary, like: portrait, this way up etc.
Using painter’s tape, you can experiment with your wall art placements and arrangements without damaging your wall.

That's a wrap for part 1, stay tuned for part2!

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