Why Large Canvas Wall Art Doesn’t Measure Up?

All you art lovers, here’s an idea worth considering when choosing a large wall art piece for your space:
It’s as important to find the right material to showcase large art as it is to select the artwork of your choice.

Any given piece of art is open to diverse interpretations driven by our taste, perspectives, thoughts, and viewpoints.
But the choice of material? It’s completely objective, driven by facts. And here’s an important one:
Large canvas wall art simply doesn’t measure up due to several reasons.

Why Canvas Is Not the Most Suitable Material for Large Wall Art?

First and foremost, canvas is not built to showcase large artwork and is technically constrained by its attributes.

Unrefined Texture Impacts the Aesthetic Effect

The coarse texture of canvas doesn’t lend itself to the fine showcasing of all types of art, as it negatively impacts the overall aesthetics.
Especially in the case of large wall art, the rough texture significantly reduces the overall quality as well as clarity of the artwork.
In addition, it can distract from the artwork itself.

Most pieces of wall art require a smoother material that can clearly illustrate the finer details with a stunning amount of clarity.

Its definitely not an issue with our wooden world maps. Our maps offer exceptional quality and level of detail.
Wall art made of wood create a great impact and instantly elevates any space.

Easily Susceptible to Damage – Scratching, Tearing, and Fading

Canvas is easily susceptible to scratches, tearing, and fading, which exposes your wall art to various types of damage.
The last thing any art lover wants is to see their favorite artwork ruined after
paying an /exorbitant/
amount for large canvas art. Especially if you have children or pets, having a large canvas wall
art is a definite no-no as it would require full time care and supervision.

A wooden world map is no subject of such case. With lifetime warranty, you can report any damage done by.

Highly priced with a Low Value

Oversized wall art is typically used in any space to create a bold and definite statement and the physical attributes of canvas don’t allow it.
After carefully selecting the artwork that suits your taste, style, and aesthetic preferences, it’s imperative that it
not only achieves the desired effect but is also resistant to damage. Large canvas art is not only exorbitantly priced
but isn’t worth its high cost as it doesn’t meet these requirements.

On the other hand, a wooden world map is far superior to canvas in terms of all aspects, be it clarity, texture, durability or insusceptibility to damage.

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