Cozy corners

Cozy corners

Who doesn't love cozy corners?
Its probably one of your favorite places to kick back and relax after a long day.
They can be super easy to setup:
you need a comfy armchair, a reading light and a blanket. (A good book and a hot beverage are extras :) )

Do you remember The Office's Phyllis' quote about a rainy day?
"This weather makes me want to stay at home curled up with a good book"
When I hear it I always think about my cozy corner at home.

1. As simple as it gets

This corner is a great example of a simple and cozy space.
This space should be a 100% about you and your needs. It's always
a great addition if you can style it to look cool.

In this case the Wooden World Map is the Nr1 decor element, which makes this spot special.

2. A classic approach

This corner radiates the owner's love and enthusiasm for travel, due to the
travel themed books and the Wooden World Map.
The classic vibe is coming from the matching colors and the style of the armchair. It has a little Boho feel to it, thanks to the rattan lamp.

3. Stylish and functional

We've talked about simplicity earlier. Well this corner is everything but simple.
If you have the space and resources, you can create something similar. It's really a multifunctional space, with the record player.

It has a dual vibe: it feels modern and natural at the same time. Modern, because of the chair and natural, because of everything else. All the plants, the wooden surfaces and a Wooden World Map on the wall, blending in perfectly. 

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