Wooden Decor as a New Interior Design Trend

Wooden Decor as a New Interior Design Trend

After several years of all white everything, natural wood is growing in popularity once again.
2021 has definitely seen the resurgence of natural wooden decor for interiors — something that’s going to continue to gain momentum in 2022.

Exposed wood is a refreshing alternative to all the painted woods we’ve seen for the last several years.
But how, exactly, does one make this shift in their decor, and is this a shift worth making?

Why Natural Wood Tones Are Making a Comeback

Sure, trends tend to come and go in every industry — home design included. However, natural wood tones are making a comeback for a handful of compelling reasons, and we believe the resurgence is here to stay.

Bringing the Hominess Back to Homes

Natural wood adds warm tones to your home, which are heavily associated with feelings of comfort, security and coziness. Those feelings are the prevailing needs that many have identified for themselves over the last couple of years.

With more time spent at home, there is an increased need for the spaces you live, work and play in to feel less like a showpiece and more like a space where life can happen in all of its messy, beautiful forms.

Incorporating natural wooden decor, warmer tones and organic textures in your home design helps accomplish this by creating a touch of that sought-after relaxing getaway at the end of every day.

High Quality Materials Offer Exciting Character

Natural wood’s grain patterns and varying tones provide character that makes it easy for you to showcase your personality and curate jaw-dropping moments in every room without sacrificing comfort or quality.

When it comes to styling, the go-to accessories in 2021 and heading into 2022 are all about natural elements that highlight this character and quality. Stick to earthy tones, terracotta vases, marble coffee tables, wicker baskets and wooden furniture pieces.

These all work together to add texture and warmth to a room, creating an organic look that produces a relaxed, calm vibe.

Similar to how the boho trend has infiltrated fashion in the last couple of years,
these vibes are more prevalent in interior design for the same reasons —
it’s comfortable and texturally interesting without requiring excessive upkeep.

Practical and Durable

One of the largest benefits the resurgence of natural wood and organic textures as an interior design trend offers is the perfect intersection of practicality and style.

The color palette alone offers forgiveness for daily life that the cooler tones,
whites and grays of years past does not.

And though we may be spending more time at home, truly “free” time is still a precious resource, making the stain and spill-hiding qualities of stained and varnished wood hard to beat.

Natural wood is one of the highest quality building materials out there.
So when you choose natural wood floors, window frames and trims, wall art, you’re choosing unbeatable durability.

This durability is especially advantageous when you consider the longevity of your home and all that your wood design elements will see. Natural wood paired with organic textures and deeper, richer tones allows more breathing room.


In short, natural wood-inspired home design allows your house to be a home without the constant pressure of cleaning up after every memory-making moment. You can focus on the actual living happening in your living spaces.

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