Maps information:

What is included in the map set?

The set includes all the continents of the world (including Antarctica) , islands (about 70 pieces), ships and airplanes, a compass with letters, names of oceans. We also include detailed instructions and templates for proper installation. We add double-sided tape to the map for sticking. 

How could we install the map on the wall?

You need to cut the double-sided tape into small pieces and stick them on the back of the map. 

What add-ons can be purchased for the map ?

 For an additional fee we offer : 196 metal flag pins  , 100 wooden geo tags , 20 wooden city monuments. 

What are the sizes of your packages? 

  • M size (36x51x4 cm);
  • L size  (36x51x8cm) ;
  • XL size ( 51x55x8 cm ) ;
  • XXL size ( 100x50x10cm) ;
  • XXXL size ( 100x50x12 cm)