Supersize your style with large wall art (pt.2)

Supersize your style with large wall art (pt.2)

Express yourself in the master bedroom

If you want to make your sleeping zone feel less lonely and more like you or encapsulate the essence of you and your partner, you can’t go past large wall art for the master bedroom.
Choose your favorite piece and upsize it to express your artistic vision and prowess.

Place a discussion piece in a dining area

Whether you love contemplating art over your morning coffee with your family or want a vivid piece that invites conversation at your next social dinner party, wooden world map will look nothing short of impressive as your wall art.

Add a dramatic final flourish to your interior design

You’ve picked out the perfect couch and coffee table and your flooring is functional yet trendy.
So, everything is in its place but there is something missing… that final piece of wall art that will cap it all off and complete your home’s look.

We know that people inherently love adventures, so incorporating a world map will please those who view it.

Enjoy the view every day

One of the best and easiest ways to improve your day to day life is to have an inspiring view.
And if you don’t have large windows, then go for the next best thing: large wall art.
Or use it to enhance your existing surroundings and view.

Bring inspiration to the office

Do you have a team that needs motivating or that extra little bit of inspiration?
A high impact way to do so is by adding a world map large enough for the whole office to see.

Let’s not forget the old adage, the bigger the better and that certainly applies when it comes to wall art and its surrounding home décor.

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