Take a closer look at: Sahara

Take a closer look at: Sahara

Sahara is one of your favorite (one of our best sellers) maps.
It's no coincidence.
The beautiful, light tones of this wooden world map can be easily fitted to your home's vibe.
Let's see some examples!


We spend a considerable amount of time in our bedroom, although, most of the time our eyes are closed.
This doesn't mean our bedroom is less important from a decor perspective.

Look at this natural, sort of Boho style bedroom with all the beautiful wooden tones. Ins't it harmonic and calming? These are the kind of vibes you want in your bedroom.

All the matching wood have a great contrast with the white wall, which is a neutral background for the center piece: the Wooden World Map.

Home Office

The rising popularity of home offices put a spot light on them. Like never before, our co-workers get an insight of our home workspace via zoom calls, etc. This motivated some of us to decorate these small spaces or rooms.
Decorating you home office can be tricky, you need to create a motivating, yet not distracting environment.

This can be achieved in many ways, the easiest on is to include items, artworks related to your hobbies and passions. This is where the Wooden World Map in Sahara color shines the most. Look at that photo. Any other color, than Sahara would stand out of the decor and distracts you from working.

It matches the vibe and the color scheme of the office, this wooden map was the perfect choice or this space.

Variations of colorful backgrounds

Our wooden maps grab attention in many environments. If you want to maximize the WOW factor, you should think about having it on a colorful wall or an accent wall.

On the first example, you'll see a quite unusual, black accent wall as a background for the wooden map.
The contrast between the black and the lighter wooden tones are incredible and it makes the map stand out even more.

On of the absolute best background color choices are blue. It's perfect because it mimics the color of the oceans and makes the wooden map more alive.

Sahara matches exceptionally well with this blue tone, making this wall art piece an instant attention grabber. I'm sure the owners are getting compliments from their guests all the time.

If you want a colorful background, but you don't have or don't want colorful walls, the best option is to install your wooden map on a piece of plywood. This gives you a lot more options color wise.

As you can see on the example photo, a darker, burgundy can be a bit more mature and subtle background for your Wooden World Map.


Sahara is one of the best color choices for your wooden map. It can fit so many different styles of homes, not to mention if you combine it with different background colors as we talked about.

Whether its your living room or home office, you wooden map can be the crown pieces of your room.

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