The 3 most common places to put your wooden map

The 3 most common places to put your wooden map
Where would you put your wooden map? Let me guess, it would be in one of the following spots:
  • Over your couch in your living room
  • In your home office
  • In your dining room

Don't worry, I'm not a magician, I guessed it, because these 3 spots are the most popular to put a wooden world map.

1.Your Living room

Your living room is probably the heart of you home. It's the center of most activities. You are in the living room when your friends and family is over, when you watch the game on your TV.
Long story short, if you proud of something you display it in your living room, where everyone can see and compliment it.

This is the case with the beautiful Wooden World Map. In your living room you, your guests, everyone can admire it.

2. Your Home Office

The rising popularity of home offices are putting the spotlight on these spaces.
Whether you have a whole room or just a corner, its important to have calm, inspiring decoration.

Not to mention the zoom call backgrounds. If you want to have a background, which not only beautiful and meaningful, but capable of making a deep impression in your colleagues, you should definitely think about getting a Wooden World Map for your home office.

3. Your Dining room

Your dining room is probably the second most active space after your living room. It's the place where the family gathers to eat dinner and share your day and stories with your loved ones.

For some, its a dual purpose space: dining and living room combined.
Family dinners, game nights, you name it.

Having a Wooden World Map in your dining room makes it special. You'll find yourself admiring this beautiful, handmade piece of art.
Due to the different available tones, you can match it's color to your furniture.
The Multicolor 3D wooden map (on the picture) is the most versatile choice.

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